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About Project Hub

Project Hub is an online 3D model sharing community built using the latest open source tools. Give your community Project Hub and allow them to share obj and stl files, create educational content using H5P, create and join groups, and submit and manage print workflows - all within one site!

Sharing models: Members of your Project Hub community will be able to upload obj and stl files. These models will be rendered in 3D, allowing users to explore the model. Users can then download, remix, and 'like' models shared by other members.

Learning: Project Hub encourages learning by allow faculty, technicians, and any other users to create interactive learning objects using the H5P framework. Learning modules allow the sharing of knowledge in a meaningful way, all while capture and recording the interactions.

Groups: Allow your members to create attribitrary of course-related groups. Group members can share models, learning objects, and post announcements right within the group.

Printing workflow: Turn Project Hub in an online print submission system, allowing the granular control of print submissions and messaging right within the site.

More features in the works!